8 Tray Divider Pullout


8″ Tray Divider Pullout
8″ “No Wiggle” Soft-close Tray Divider Pullout



The smartest way to store baking trays and platters, the 8″ “No Wiggle” tray divider pullout is designed to store your bakeware all while being easily accessible. No more digging overhead for the correct pan; this system allows you to pull all the items out and easily see your contents. Removable center rack and adjustable dividing bars allow for customizing the space to best fit your items. Non-stick mat on the bottom of the pullout prevents access movement of trays and reduces noise. Patented hardware eliminates side-to-side movement and sag commonly seen in other pullouts. Slides are pre-installed for quick and easy installation. Height allows for installation in either full-door application or under a drawer. Designed for a 9″ cabinet opening. To view available specifications and installation instructions select all product options.

Finish: Weathered Brass