Linear Floor Drain (DUFB-Square Perforated Grate(SPG))



DUFB Series linear drain is a two-piece low profile Linear floor drain system specifically designed for easy installation and bonded waterproofing membrane. DUFB Linear Drain is designed to accommodate large, small format tiles or stone installations in a shower with a single plane slope to the drain. The DUFB Linear drain is designed for commercial or residential projects and is intended for interior and exterior applications.

Grate Style: SPG – Square Perforated


  • Single slope to drain.
  • Allows for the use of any size tile format tile.
  • Tile in grate available to match floor tile.
  • Made from heavy duty 304 stainless steel provides for long-lasting performance.
  • Textured flange ensures tie waterproof membrane seal to drain body.

Suitable Substrates

  • Concrete
  • Exterior Glue
  • Plywood (Interior Only)
  • Cement Backer Board
  • Cement Mortar Bed
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linear shower drain, linear drain, trough drain, trench drain. Linear drains have become sought-after drainage choices for residential and commercial showers alike. With their high-design appeal, linear drains make a statement in the shower, but they also have a functional side